Vernonia Community Theater

Hands-on Art in Vernonia extends to more than fine arts. The Vernonia Community Theater falls under the HoA umbrella and produces family-oriented shows in which a variety of community members participate–as actors, singers, musicians, and behind the scenes technicians.

Vernonia Community Theater production
Vernonia Community Theater production

Expose: Holiday Celebrities Tell All, produced in 2010

Vaudville’s My Home, produced in 2012

In 2013 and 2014, The Vernonia Community Theater hosted holiday productions staged by Bags & Baggage, a successful theater company with permanent residence in the Venetian Theater in Hillboro.


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  1. Hi. This sounds great! We’re coming to Vernonia area in September. We are both musicians and singers. We just finished doing a 60s concert in Olympia this spring. We’re looking for another fun community group. What do you guys have going on in the fall?

    1. Hi Ginny. Sorry for the late reply. I discovered your comment in spam. September is right around the corner. There are a lot of ways to get involved in our creative community based on your interests. In October, we have a Salmon Festival, which is a great way to meet “involved” residents. We’re also putting together a paperback book of art, photography, lyrics, poems and stories of Vernonia residents. The submission deadline is October 1st. And Christmas is a great time to volunteer in dozens of activities. Welcome to Vernonia!

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