Voices from the Mill Pond, Volume 2 is here!

Last February, when Hands on Art and Vernonia’s Voice kicked off a call for submissions for a second book, we had no idea that a month later, we’d find ourselves in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the ensuing disruptions and anxiety, no one, it seemed, gave a hoot about writing stories or poetry or taking photos. And yet, somehow, the submissions trickled in, and Voices from the Mill Pond, Volume II was born.

Picking a cover for our second volume wasn’t an easy task. Especially since we received over a hundred fabulous photos. We poured through them, seeking an image that highlighted the pond, of course, but also one that contained the necessary compositional elements: orientation and size, dpi, the right color and busy-ness when contrasted with the text, and one that possessed its own intrinsic beauty.  We believe we made the perfect choice.

Vernonia’s Voice and Hands on Art chose Mike Pym’s photo for the cover of Voices from the Mill Pond, Vol. II. 

Many thanks to the residents of Vernonia, past and present, for their stories, poems, histories, photos, and memories. Once again, Vernonia has outdone itself, and our community spirit is alive and well. 

Voices from the Mill Pond, Vol. II is now available on Amazon as well as around town. You can find it at the library and at the R&S Market. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays that honors our talented and beautiful community.

Voices from the Mill Pond Update

Cover Contest Winner: Kari Anne Budge
Cover Contest Winner Kari Anne Budge

Contents have been finalized!

After much deliberation, decisions have been made and notifications sent to all poets, storytellers, photographers, and artists whose work has been chosen for our Vernonia book, Voices from the Mill Pond.

Vernonia’s Voice and Hands on Art would like to express our deep-felt gratitude, once again, for the hundreds of submissions, and though we couldn’t include them all, we were able to fill the pages with the beautiful work from a broad range of Vernonia residents, past and present.

We are about to be officially published! In short order, Voices from the Mill Pond will be available via Amazon to readers around the world.

Cover Contest Winner and Finalists

We are also delighted to announce the Finalists and Winner of the Cover Contest.

Beginning in February, photographers heeded our call. Over a hundred fabulous images poured in, and when the submission period ended, it was time to choose a cover.

Important elements were the pond, of course, but also composition. Orientation and size mattered. Would the title and subtitle be clear against the image’s colors? Was the visual activity in the photo subdued enough to complement the text? And was it an absolutely gorgeous photo in its own right?

Cover mockups of the top three photos were produced and a winner selected.

We’re delighted to present the cover of Voices from the Mill Pond. Kari Anne Budge sent in the exquisite photo above that met every measure. It was the perfect choice for the book.

We would also like to acknowledge two photographers whose submissions came in a close second. Thank you to Cassandra Armstrong and Debby White for these stunning images.

Let’s Celebrate

Our 190-page paperback book of photos, writings, and artwork from Vernonia residents will be available on Amazon as well as locally. Books available locally will be sold at a discount, starting on December 5th. Right on time for the holidays.

There is a celebration scheduled at the Vernonia Library on Thursday, December 5th, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.

This event is open to the entire community. Stop by to meet the authors, photographers, and artists, to celebrate the completion of this creative project, and to pick up a copy or two of Voices from the Mill Pond.